Thursday, February 10, 2011

C4T #1


I have been following David Hopkins' blog, Don't Waste Your Time. In week one, Mr. Hopkins wrote about QR Codes. What are those, you may ask. Mr. Hopkins explains that QR Codes are two dimensional bar codes that can be scanned by smart phones. The codes can contain simple text, contact information or an URL. There are websites that can generate your own codes. Mr. Hopkins gives ideas for how QR Codes can be used in education. I too, was unfamiliar with what QR Codes were. After reading his blog, I felt like I had a basic understanding of what the codes were and I was impressed with his ideas about how to use them in education. In the second post of Mr. Hopkins', He was discussing the institutional use of Twitter and Facebook. The Russel Group Universities in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales were used for a survey to gather information in regard to the way the Universities utlized Twitter and Facebook. Mr. Hopkins' wanted to know if we thought the Universities used Facebook and Twitter to seem progressive and modern or if we thought there was a strategy behind the use. This was my response: I attend University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama (U.S.) and I really enjoyed reading this and the question that you raise is an interesting one. There really is no uniformity in how Facebook and Twitter is used among this group of Universities. I found that pretty surprising and it made me wonder about my own University and others in the area. Neither my school nor others in the area (with the exception of one) really maintain or seriously utilize these social networks. Seeing this makes me proud and grateful to be a part of EDM 310 and the class blog that we have. In addition to our class blog, each student maintains their own blog, facebook, and twitter (there is also an EDM 310 Alumni blog). We would be honored for you to visit us there to see how we utilize social networks and for you to see some of the other things we do. Thank you for everything that you do, it makes a difference!

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