Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog Post 5

Most Used Languages in the World


I really enjoyed the video by Joe Dale. Many of the benefits of podcasting he listed on his page, my group came up with even before we watched the video. I will admit that I didn't watch the video until after I had already recorded a sample podcast and put together our video. This was not a smart move on my part because the video by Mr. Dale had some wonderful ideas and it would have made the process much more smooth.


I had no idea about what to expect when I was looking over the page and the links for the podcasts. It took me a minute to understand that Melinda Miller and Scott Elias were principals because when I read the title of the podcast channel, I thought it read, The Practical Principles. Now, the episode I listened to was very long, but they discuss everything under the sun, including technology in the schools. I thought this was a wonderful way to reach staff, parents, and possibly older students (lets face it, most high schoolers would not want to listen to a conversation between two principals). All of the main topics that were discussed were listed with links up underneath the episode title. Each one of those took you to a link that can provide additional information in regard to that subject. Awesome! I think that this channel should be subscribed to by all educators!


"Sharing what one is doing, sharing what one is learning along the way, will not only allow for reflection, but it also will create a ripple effect. A ripple effect that in turn will touch the lives and the future of others." These two sentences jumped out at me from Ms. Tolisano's blog. This is what EDM 310 is about; this is what our classrooms should be about. Ms. Tolisano tracked one teacher's journey into opening her classroom to technology and while the process played out over the course of more than a year, it is a testament that it can be done. Teachers only need to be willing to step outside of the box, try something new and great, unexpected benefits will come. I absolutely enjoyed Ms. Tolisano approach to sharing literature with the students!

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  1. Hey Jennifer.

    You haven't gotten a comment since blog post three, that's pretty awful. Even though I'm supposed to comment on blog 6 I'll comment on this one since it's here.

    "This was not a smart move on my part because the video by Mr. Dale had some wonderful ideas and it would have made the process much more smooth." Was it not a smart move or do you think this is something that should be assigned to watch at the before people start podcasts instead of the same week they are due? Perhaps it's all part of Dr. Strange's maniacal plan to have us teach ourselves and one another.

    A little critique before I go, you should hyperlink more. It would be useful to be able to click and see what you're talking about. I know I'm in the class but amazingly we get readers who are not, just click your stats if you don't believe me. Here is a site for a few HTML pointers. You can even go the easy route and just click insert link using bloggers own functionality.