Tuesday, March 1, 2011

C4K 1

Blog 1: Ms. Naugle's 5th Period Math

Malik posted on the class blog to help students define and understand lines, line segments and rays. Along with the definitions and descriptions, he posted pictures so the other students could visualize what he was talking about. I thought that his post was simple and straight forward and that using pictures was a good accompaniment to his definitions.

Blog 2: KEPTV

Kobe and Unaloto did a presentation on "Little Fish, Big Fish" by Melanie Drewery. Kobe interviewed Unaloto to see what the book was about. The boys seemed to really enjoy not only the book, but the process of doing the interview and making the presentation. They inspired me to look up the book and order for myself and my son. They did a wonderful job!

Blog 3: PT England Room 11

Mikaiah posted some of his animated art on a volcano. He explains what a volcano is and in his art, he showed us what it can look like. His drawing was very vivid and bright and the animation was perfect. I look forward to seeing how his art progresses. I told him that when I was younger, I too, was interested in volcanos. I also encouraged him to never stop drawing. I asked him if he had ever heard of Mount St. Helens and gave him a link so he could look at pictures and get information about it.

Mount St. Helens

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